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The Company - Bon Air Sweden AB


The company has its roots in Svenska Uni-Cardan AB (GKN Driveline) with the product name Bonair. Since November 2007 is Bonair a company on its own.


Bon Air Sweden AB delivers complete comfort solutions HVAC (Heat Ventilation Air Conditioning) for off road vehicles and railway vehicles.


Our specialty know- how is to dimension, manufacture and deliver customer designed solutions for manufacturers of off road vehicles. We also have a standard selection of units for cooling, heating and air cleaning for such vehicles.


For the railway market we deliver customer designed solutions for heating and HVAC systems for both the driver and passenger compartments.

For custom designed projects are our specialists working together with the customer to have our solutions to perform according to the requirements, even when it's installed in the vehicle.

In addition to complete HVAC installations we are also delivering spare parts and components to be used in HVAC- systems.


The company Bon Air Sweden AB is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 since April 2009.






Bon Air Sweden AB   +46 8 46 46 740